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Ruth Hamilton, MA Ed., Expressive Arts Counselor, workshop leader and jewelry designer, guides you in experiencing the healing arts. Expressive Arts for Healing is the practice of integrating imagery, visual arts, dance, music, sound, humor, and poetry to encourage creativity and healing and to transform stress-producing emotions. Ruth’s jewelry is an out-growth of her love of gems and precious metals.

Ruth Hamilton received her training at the Expressive Arts Institute, Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island. She is a certified Technology for Creating facilitator. Ruth also studied curative water coloring techniques at Rudolph Steiner University, Sacramento, CA.

Ruth has The Healing Arts Studio in Albuquerque, NM. She also has a vacation home in the high desert near Magdalena, NM where she collects gems and rocks on her hikes. Each piece of jewelry art expresses a healing combination of colors, gem stones, and precious metals. Ruth also welcomes private sessions that allow you to choose stones and designs that you find healing and uplifting.

The healing art of humor is another of her specialties. In 1986, she founded Carolina Health & Humor Assoc. which has assisted medical centers across America to implement Healing Humor Programs. Laughter and creative humor using improvisation is woven into the empowering Expressive Arts sessions. You can explore humor and its use for professional presentations by taking the Certified Humor Presenter E-course. In studying the style of various comics and humor writers, you can hone your humor skills. You will also discover how to customize humor to specific audiences. Upon completion of a humor related project and audience presentation, you will receive your Certified Humor Presenter Certificate, endorsed by Carolina Health & Humor Association. Visit www.CarolinaHealthandHumor.org for more information.

Expressive Arts uses arts as an avenue for helping you:

  • Resolve the conflict in thoughts and feelings
  • Stop the inner critic and unsupportive thoughts
  • Promote your talents in all of life
  • Communicate feelings to others in non-threatening ways
  • Reveal the needs communicated through feelings

Contact Ruth Hamilton for setting up your Expressive Arts session. You may e-mail Ruth at Ruth@ArtsCanHeal.com