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Humor Presenter Course

The healing art of humor is another of Ruth’s specialties. In 1986, she founded Carolina Health & Humor Assoc. which has assisted medical centers across America to implement Healing Humor programs. Ruth’s Laugh Mobile humor library can be seen at You can also visit for comedy resources for healing. Laughter and creative humor using improvisatin is woven into the empowering Expressive Arts sessions. Ruth offers the Expressive Arts and Humor E-course for Presenters. The course is designed to give presenters skills and personal exploration that will enhance their personal presentation.

Ruth Hamilton naturally laughs easily, especially when things seem out of control. The Expressive Arts session will include humor and is often part of an improvisational skit with funny props and/or costumes. You’ll have the opportunity to playfully exaggerate situations, habits, or projects and thereby create attitudinal healing. Often, if you can laugh about a situation, you can transform it. Ruth has used the transformative power of humor since 1986 in her workshops like “Good News for Humor Deficiency.”

During an Expressive Arts session, you may laugh heartily. As a result your laughter may create these physical changes in the body:

You breathe deeply and force the moisture from the lungs. This can protect you against colds. The internal organs get a gentle massage. The digestive juices are released and you will experience regularity. The Iga in the saliva is increased and fights off colds. The body’s natural pain killer, catecholamine, is released and headaches may be lessened. There is a rapid switching in the right and left hemispheres of the brain, allowing both to be engaged. The rising, falling, and leveling of the blood pressure brings euphoria. The endorphins, the body’s natural opiates, are released and you feel good.

With all of these good results of laughter, you can see why humor is a vital part of Ruth Hamilton’s Expressive Arts sessions. To find out more about humorous resources, visit:

“Mom” by Ethan Wenberg