About Our Jewelry


Ruth Hamilton’s jewelry crafting is inspired by nature and the beautiful New Mexico mountains in her seasonal home near Magdalena, NM.

Ruth’s jewelry is displayed and for sale around central New Mexico at The Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge gift shop andThe Market Place in Magdalena, NM.

All Arts Can Heal jewelry is guaranteed. Ruth also delights in creating personalized and event jewelry. She also designs jewelry that is crafted by precious metal workers. Ruth’s Cross of the “Four Directions Pendant” is handcrafted by Nina Maier of One Moon Gallery. Ruth designs pieces that are crafted by precious metal smiths Vergie Jake and Bolson Guerro.

Raised in the North Carolina Piedmont, Ruth started creating jewelry at an early age. She was inspired by her mother who made beaded jewelry and handbags. Ruth believes in the power of gem stones, colors, and precious metals to heal hearts and minds. Her jewelry and designs are a gift of healing and joy for the wearer.

Click on the images below to enjoy a gallery of our jewelry. Shipping and handling charges will be added to the price.

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