Expressive Arts sessions begin with relaxation exercises and inner focusing. You’ll be guided to sense the body’s wisdom and to note the inner imagery. Often the body is trying to tell you about stress producing situations in your life. Through visual arts using watercolor, pastels, oil crayons, and colored pencils you learn to identify, display, and transform your images. Sound, laughter, and music activate vibrational healing to soothe the spirit. Movement, dance, and healing gestures mobilize the body’s healthy hormones. Storytelling and native and tribal myths help you tap into the wisdom of the ages. Three dimensional design, mandalas, and sculpture bring focus and clarity that can release stress. All of these expressive arts will help you create healing and growth pathways.

Lundee Amos, (above) a cancer survivor, is shown experiencing her first Expressive Arts session and the first time she has used watercolor. She said: “There was a release of my troubled heart and I felt celestial guidance The session was fun and I experienced new art mediums that showed me how I could continue the session at home. I didn’t want to stop and I look forward to my next session with Ruth.”

Another client, Cathy Keilar says: “The combination of guided visualization, and expressing my feelings thru drawing and movement cleared a lot of stuck emotions for me. Ruth’s creation of such a safe, expressive atmosphere supported a transformation of emotions that helped free up my energy. After the seesion, I felt a great sense of integration of what I know is real, not just the projection of my ego”.

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