Ruth Hamilton, MA Ed., Expressive Arts counselor, offers these on-site two hour classes in the Expressive Arts workshops for your agency or company:

Expressive Arts for Self Discovery Participants will use various visual arts, storytelling and gentle movement to encourage creativity. This introductory course is not about how to make works of art, but is about developing the imagination. Visual arts include modeling clay, oil crayons, and watercolor.

Mask Making for Nurturing the Creative Spirit Simple masks will be constructed that invite stories. Participants will explore images that support creativity and healing. Everyone will develop the mask character and share the special gifts of this mask character.

Fun, Healing and Growth with Collage Collage is a creative tool that can assist us in nurturing and healing the body and mind. The goal of this workshop is to introduce collage as a medium of self expression and discovery. Pictures emerge from various cut papers, pictures, ribbons, and design symbols.

Visual Journaling for Healing Use pictures and symbols to create images that heal the spirit. Visual imagery is more effective than writing alone and can often lead to new insights. No special talents are needed in drawing. Everyone will receive a visual journal and crayons.

Circle Designs & Mandalas for Centering Mandala means “circle” in the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit. The group will see beautiful mandalas and circle designs from various countries. Construct your own mandala which can become a symbol for healing. Centering and focusing occur during the mandala making & give new insights.

Gentle Movement and Sound for Healing Listen to relaxing music and access your body’s healing movements. The gentle movements will allow you to move through your life with greater trust, pleasure, power, creativity and presence. Working with rhythm instruments, you’ll experience nature and body sounds.

Humor for Stress Management Using humor props and improvisation, you’ll learn to use laughter and humor for fun, exercise, and creativity. Learn why laughing exercises create a sense of well-being in the body, mind, and spirit. With Ruth’s trunk of humorous props, participants will develop comic characters that remind them to lighten up.

Earth, Fire, Wind, & Rain Expressive Arts Using the four elements, you’ll explore various arts for healing. Participants make a “power bracelet” for fire energy, watercolor for rain, explore Native American earth symbols, and make a mobile for wind. This two session class will help you access the healing images of nature.


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